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If you are a Gold/Silver/Bronze/special prize-winner, click the button below to download your e-certificate

*If you are using mobile phone and couldn't find your e-certificate, try to log in to Google Drive or use desktop.

If you are a Gold prize winner, you can download your winners' postcards here:

(You can also share the images and tag us Instagram/Facebook: @globalgeniusmusic 

If you'd like to order paper certificate and medal, please click the button below


If you are the teacher of a Gold / Silver / Bronze Prize winner, please fill in your name and email address and we will send your e-certificate once they are ready

Teacher Awards Request Form

Thanks for your request. Our team will check the record and send the e-certificate to your email address as soon as it is ready.


Do you want to share a photo of holding the medal/certificate?

You can send us a photo of yourself wearing the medal, holding the printed certificate via the form below:

Upload photo

Thanks for submitting!

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