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Would you like to share your victory with people worldwide? Once you have printed your e-certificate or received your ordered CD/medal/certificate, take a photo of yourself with them and send it to us via the form below. By doing so, you could potentially be showcased on our official social media platforms and the WOMCO winners showcase!

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WOMCO is now introducing the Honorable League of Global Exceptional Teachers

All prize winners' teachers in our competition are eligible to join and be featured as a member of the Honorable League of Global Exceptional Teachers.

If you are the teacher of a prize winner and are willing to be listed as one of the Global Exceptional Teachers, please fill in the table below with your title and the music institution. If you are a student filling in on behalf of your teacher, please make sure you have obtained your teacher's consent beforehand.

Teacher Certificates Request Form
Would the teacher like to be featured and listed on WOMCO's honourable league of global exceptional teachers?

Thanks for your request. Our team will check the record and send the e-certificate to your email address as soon as it is ready.

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